THE ARTS PAPER: On Connecticut’s (Mostly Free) Shakespeare Trail

Ian Eaton as  Oberon , Saluda Camp as  Titania  and the fairies in  A Midsummer Night's Dream , 2014

Ian Eaton as Oberon, Saluda Camp as Titania and the fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream, 2014

"In Bridgeport, Connecticut Free Shakespeare’s retelling of The Tempest takes liberties with the language, so that it is more accessible to audience members who may have less experience with Shakespeare’s plays...

'We’re taking a classic and putting a twist on it to give it more contemporary relevance,' said Katrina Foy, director of administration for the Bridgeport-based company. She added that it’s baked into the mission of Dandelion Productions, which produces Connecticut Free Shakespeare among its other free education programs. The company seeks to make cultural experiences, including Shakespeare, extremely accessible without jeopardizing their artistic integrity." - Leah Andelsmith, The Arts Paper

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