I hardly know where to begin, there is such a wealth of beautiful memories!

I do remember as an intern watching an Equity actor rehearse, and the only performance guideline in the text was the reaction line, “Indeed he hath played on his prologue like a child on a recorder.” He performed the piece in several wildly different ways in rapid succession, trying to arrive at a performance choice with the director. It was one of the first times I really grasped what it is to be an actor. This is just one of many lessons learned as a performer and person working with this wonderful company!
— Rachel Nadine Siter, CFS Apprentice

 Apprenticeship and Internship Program

Connecticut Free Shakespeare empowers a team of performance and technical interns and apprentices each summer in every aspect of the theater-making process.  A small, selected group of youth and early-career artists work alongside professionals in the industry to ensure an extraordinary learning experience.

performance & PRODUCTION apprentices

CFS understudy apprentices are non-union, up-and-coming professional actors that have degrees or are pursuing degrees in theater performance.

CFS understudies are assigned one or two principal roles, filled by AEA Union actors, that they will shadow over the course of the rehearsal process.  All lines must be memorized for rehearsal, day one. At the end of the summer session, the apprentices will have a chance to perform their rendition of the summer production (or a selection of scenes) for their colleagues and family. 

  • EMC points available towards Actor's Equity Union membership (EMC fee applies and is not provided by Dandelion Productions)
  • Housing and transportation are not provided

If you are interested, please attend the auditions for the summer production.  


Each year, Connecticut Free Shakespeare offers internships for 5-10 Bridgeport-area high school students and young adults.  Students participate in all aspects of the technical side of production, including set design and backstage work, with some even offered the opportunity to perform onstage.

After 15 years, this program has become a highly-regarded educational program as it provides intensive artistic experiences to students who might otherwise lack this opportunity. We provide a point of entry into the theatrical process to students of all ages, backgrounds and life experiences. It's an opportunity to grasp theater firsthand—with professional actors and technical staff—not just by passively watching, but actively doing. Several of our alumni have gone on to professional achievement in lighting and costume design.

  • Small intern stipends have historically been awarded through a funding partnership with The Workplace, Inc.  
  • Housing and transportation are not provided.  
  • EMC points are available for those who are interested in pursuing membership in the Actor's Equity Union.

If you are interested, please email a completed application to ellen@dandelionproductions.org.   

My proudest moments in the summer of 2011 was seeing the change in the interns attitudes and work ethic, I noticed slowly but surely they all had grown to become better human beings. I also remember the day when the interns received awards from Mayor Finch and how proud they were that the Mayor had thought enough of them to honor them. I remember their parents, family members, and community friends being extremely proud of them that day. They earned the praise and awards for the amazing transformation that I saw take place in them during the CFS program.
— -Clarence Sailor, Jr., Intern Coordinator 2011