Instead of asking an audience to come to us,
we will go to the audience.

CFS GO is a mobile Shakespeare program that will travel to community centers, senior centers, libraries, hospitals, correctional facilities, and homeless shelters, to offer condensed versions of Shakespeare's plays and explore educational themes in an applied theater framework.

The goal will be simple!  Bring Shakespeare to the audience he wrote for: EVERYONE.  Our goal is to ensure that no person, regardless of age, ability, identity, or economic status, should be denied the opportunity to "play" with Connecticut Free Shakespeare.  

This spring, we will invite theSE diverse communities to get caught up in the magic of tHE TEMPEST, a 400 year-old story about
revenge and forgiveness.

With the same eye toward quality in performance and professionalism, we engage highly skilled actors to perform these shows in an intimate setting, with minimal tech and a more engaged, boundary-less approach.  Performances will be followed by a Q&A and space for personal reflection in our "After-Words" session, as well as subsequent "Story - Circle" workshops.